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Classic Roulette

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Classic roulette offers you the opportunity to bet in a number of different ways from the traditional red or black, picking a single number, choosing either odd or even numbers. To the more complex such as quadrants or pairs where you place your chips between numbers enabling you to bet on pairs (2) or quadrants (4). Or finally ranges where you decide to bet on whether the number will be in the lower or upper half of the number range or if it will land on a number in a particular third of the range.
Classic roulette offers you single and multiplayer options along with the ability to build your experience before playing for money – all in all this a fantastic way to enter the exciting world of roulette!

How To Play

- The aim of this great game is to try to predict where the ball may land on the roulette wheel.

- The wheel has sections numbered 1-36 that alternate from red to black as well as the number 0 which is green.

- Choose your chip value then place that chip on the number you want to place the bet on by clicking it on, each click on the betting area will place another chip on it.

- To change your bets to a different amount select another chip before clicking on the betting area so you can add a number of different valued chips around the betting table simultaneously.

- Hold down the shift key and click to remove one chip of the equal value as the chosen chip from the bet.

- Once you have placed all your bets click spin to begin the ball rolling.

- Press re-bet to spin again with exactly the same bets in place.

- Select clear bets to remove all your placed bets on the table.

- Your maximum and minimum bet levels will be decided by your VIP status, hover over the limit signs to find out more.


- As this version of the classic game only has 37 spots your odds of winning are increased.

- There is the option to play for money or use the free play feature that enables you to try out strategies first before putting your own money on the table.


- There are no bonus rounds for this game

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  • Go to the "Applications" section under the "Settings" menu on your device
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Minimum Requirements

  • Android 2.3 or later
  • 320 x 480 resolution