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Blackjack Surrender

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Blackjack Surrender is a modern twist on an old classic, easy to pick up and easy to play in our online blackjack collection. The opportunity to insure against the dealer's Blackjack is a fun addition to the game.

How To Play

- Select your chip by clicking on it.

- Click on the available hand positions (the circles arranged around the table in a semi-circle). Each click will increase your bet by the value of your selected chip. You can place a bet on any of the hands to play on one hand, or up to five hands at the same time. Holding down the shift key and simultaneously clicking the bet will decrease the stake by the amount of your selected chip.

- Clicking Clear Bets removes all the bets from the table.

- Clicking Double doubles any bets you have on the table.

- The minimum and maximum bet limits depend upon your VIP level and will be shown on the table. The limits only apply to your initial bet. You can still complete actions such as Split etc that require an additional bet even if you have already bet your stated maximum.

- Click Deal to deal the cards. The player and the dealer are dealt two cards. The player is dealt to first.

- If you are playing more than one hand, actions for each hand will be taken separately, beginning with the right-most hand.

- If the dealer's face-up card is an Ace, you will be offered insurance. Click the Insurance button to take up this option. After you have selected or declined insurance, the dealer checks for Blackjack.

- Use the Hit, Stand, Surrender, Double or Split Buttons as required. Double and Split require an additional bet. If you do not have enough balance to cover these bets, you will need to deposit more money.

- The dealer reveals his face-down card and draws additional cards as per the rules.

- Your hand is then compared to the dealer's hand.

- To play a new round, click New Game. You can place bets as described above or click Re-bet to place the same bet as last time. Clicking Deal will start the cards being dealt. Clicking Re-bet and Deal will place the same bets as previously and deal immediately.


- Players have the ability to insure against the dealer having Blackjack when the dealer's face-up card is an Ace.


- There are no bonus rounds for this game but keep an eye on our casino promotions tab for weekly bonus giveaways.

To install SuperCasino for Android on your device

  • Go to the "Applications" section under the "Settings" menu on your device
  • Make sure that the checkbox next to "Unknown Sources" is checked and accept any confirmation messages
  • Go to supercasino.com/app.apk on your device to go directly to the download

Minimum Requirements

  • Android 2.3 or later
  • 320 x 480 resolution