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Anna Jardine Jones

Place of Birth:
Red 3
4th April
3 things you should know:
  1. She loves random facts (hopeful that one day they’ll help her win ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’).

  2. Won ‘Shop Idol’ in March 2006, beating thousands in a national competition to find a new presenter for shopping channel iBuy.

  3. Likes belly dancing.

Anna has a bizarre fear of men in baths. That's that job at the Bath Store out the window then.
3 things you shouldn't know:
  1. She once hid in a cupboard for the duration of a maths lesson. The teacher was unamused and promptly put her on detention.

  2. Anna once dressed up as a clown to entertain her sisters at a birthday party.

  3. Has a massive fear of giant millipedes and, more strangely, men in baths!

Bryn Lucas

Place of Birth:
Red 23
25th July
3 things you should know:
  1. Bryn was the frontman in a rock covers band called Voodoo 242.

  2. He once spun the same number five times in a row – “I remember after the third thinking ‘Wow, how odd’. Then it came out a fourth time, which was mental and after the fifth I almost passed out from the excitement”.

  3. He used to have a pet Californian King snake called Killer, but he gave it to a new home after it went for him!

Golf clubs and mantraps – whatever you do, do NOT get on the wrong side of Bryn!
3 things you shouldn't know:
  1. As a child he and his older brother dug a hole in the garden to trap their stepdad after he had annoyed them. They soon lost interest and only managed a small one.

  2. Bryn knocked his older brother out when he was younger by hitting him on the head with a golf club (an accident!) that snapped in two – “I hid the club and pretended it wasn't all that bad even though he was suffering from major concussion for a number of days.”

  3. He once got a warning for stealing a life size cardboard cut out of Ginger Spice from Woolworths in Kidderminster – “We sort of pretended it was a stunt for charity and got away with it... and got to keep the cut out!”.

Derek Gibbons

Place of Birth:
Green 0
5th May

Del is a man of many talents. Not just one of the faces of SuperCasino's Live Roulette, he also the man behind the main anchor music for SuperCasino, having composed it himself.

His passion for music led him to train classically in the violin and piano and then to university where he studied a Masters in music. And now it's a massive part of his life – his music has been used in advertising campaigns and UK TV shows – so much so that his bedroom is full of music equipment and he occasionally struggles to locate his bed at night.

3 things you should know:
  1. Del appeared alongside 'Luther' star Indira Varma, Duncan Duff and Sharon Horgan in BBC comedy 'Broken News'.

  2. He was born in Dunfermline and is an avid Dunfermline Athletic fan.

  3. Del loves technology almost as much as music - he even has a satellite dish INSIDE his house. Sounds like something his Trotter namesake might punt down Peckham Market.

Presenting, acting, composing music… this time next year could Del be a millionaire?
3 things you shouldn't know:
  1. Ultra-competitive, Del and Bryn have an ongoing football computer game rivalry (in which Derek claims he's the better player).

  2. Sweet-toothed Del has been known to polish off an entire tub of cookie dough ice cream.

  3. As if the weakness for ice cream wasn't enough, he admits he's a sucker for a romcom too. And has even shed a tear during the occasional chick flick.

Emily De Cosimo

Place of Birth:
Red 18
18th July
3 things you should know:
  1. Emily says her theme tune would be 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun' by Cindi Lauper

  2. She would love to run the London Marathon one day!

  3. Back in her hometown Emily set up HENS Theatre Company in 2001 - winner of The Phillip Lawrence Award

Emily has ambitions to run a marathon, but with her dislike of feet, someone ought to mention the blisters.
3 things you shouldn't know:
  1. She has a huge fear of spiders

  2. Emily thinks 'Grease 2' is much better than 'Grease'. She knows all the songs and even has the soundtrack on her iPhone.

  3. Has a slight aversion to feet!

Gema Ensenat

Place of Birth:
Black 28
28th September
3 things you should know:
  1. Gema thinks that Sandra Bullock (specifically in 'Miss Congeniality') should play her in the movie of her life – if only because her character is just as clumsy as Gema.

  2. She is also a qualified aerobics instructor.

  3. An accomplished dancer, Gema recently performed flamenco at Sadler's Wells Theatre

Gema is the ultimate entertainer – flamenco dancer, breath-holder AND balloon animal-maker. She's available for bookings for weddings, birthdays and bar mitzvahs.
3 things you shouldn't know:
  1. She is suspiciously good at holding her breath and has been known to win money in competitions doing so... (normally under water).

  2. Gema is very good at making poodles (and other animals) from long balloons!

  3. Her first professional TV gig was aged seven (the job is a secret but let's just say she's had lots of practice in front of the camera!)

Helen Shephard

Place of Birth:
Red 21
21st August
3 things you should know:
  1. When she’s not at work, Helen’s keeping busy at the moment house-training her puppy.

  2. Aside from her “wonderful” mum, one of Helen’s heroes is Barbie – “she’s had over 108 professions, what a woman!”.

  3. She spent eight months travelling the world two years ago.

Her mum, Lois Lane and Barbie – Helen's all about the strong, female role model.
3 things you shouldn't know:
  1. She adds hot pepper sauce to practically every meal and “can eat more chilli than anyone I know”.

  2. She has over 100 pairs of shoes.

  3. She once [whisper it] went to a Steps concert.

Lee Baldry

Place of Birth:
Black 13
20th April
3 things you should know:
  1. Lee's dream dinner for six would be him, Michael Jackson ("a genius"), David Copperfield, Chris Rock, Oprah Winfrey and Nicole Scherzinger. Better warn the neighbours it might get raucous.

  2. He was in the original line-up of 1990s boyband Northern Line, with Ziggy from 'Big Brother' before they released their debut single.

  3. SuperCasino's own Terry Nutkins, Lee owns two Asian Bengal leopard cats and had a pet flying squirrel when he lived in Thailand as a child (he also got a kitten but told his mum that he'd found it in the street). Not surprising to learn then that Lee wanted to own a zoo when he was younger.

An outstanding musical resumé and sometimes over-friendly fanbase – it's enough to drive a man to coffee.
3 things you shouldn't know:
  1. Lee has a bit of a Starbucks addiction and regularly Tweets about his pangs – "Mmmmmmnm starbucks".

  2. He has some hardcore devotees – there is a Lee Baldry fansite called, catchily, Fan Of Lee Baldry.

  3. Lee loves swimming and anything to do with the water. Which might explain why his top seems to be wet in all of his modelling pictures!

Rob Lamarr

Place of Birth:
Kings Lynn
Red 5
16th February
3 things you should know:
  1. When he was 11 he won a contest on Capital Radio where he had to introduce songs as though he was a DJ.

  2. Halloween is one of his favourite days of the year – “I go to extreme lengths having had hearses, inflatables and cemeteries put up around my house, all with sound and special effects. Also it's all gone by the following day, it's very busy.”

  3. He appeared in the Tom Cruise/Nicole Kidman film 'Eyes Wide Shut' as a butler.

Proud to be geeky and not ashamed to dress up in a giant mascot suit in 90º heat, Rob is a man for all seasons.
3 things you shouldn't know:
  1. It was him in the suit as the official mascot for the European championships in Portugal in 2004 – “It was hot!”

  2. In his home office he has a on a shelf a Darth Vader helmet next to a Chucky doll (from the ‘Childs Play’ films) which is next to a radio-controlled K.I.T.T. from ‘Knight Rider’ – “I'm a bit of a geek really and proud of it”.

  3. Talking of which, he owns DVD box sets of ‘TJ Hooker’ and has the theme tune as his mobile ringtone, (his message alert is the sound of a ‘Star Trek’ communicator).

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